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Man overlooks school in Nakba refugee camp

‘NYT’ Piece Whitewashed Occupation and Nakba

By Philip Weiss: We've already gone after Colin Shindler's irresponsible piece in the New York Times yesterday that rubbed out the distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism because he relied on a dubious quote attributed to Nasrallah. The piece is also irresponsible because it whitewashes the Nakba and the occupation...


Why We Voters Don’t Know A Whole Lot!

By Bob Somerby: Now they've even got Krugman: Let’s face it: The third debate represents the last chance for serious discussion of serious issues in a presidential campaign. After that, ...

David Brooks

David Brooks Is Upset that the Interest Burden of the Debt Is Near a Post-War Low

By Dean Baker: When NYT columnists make absurd assertions they deserve ridicule. In his NYT column today, David Brooks make the absurd assertion that, "the mounting debt is ...


NYT’ Op-Ed Equating Anti-Zionism With Anti-Semitism Relied On Nasrallah Quote That Is In All Likelihood A Fabrication

By Phil Weiss and Max Blumenthal: Yesterday the New York Times ran a disastrous op-ed equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. Written by the British academic Colin Shindler, it was titled, "The ...

The Military-Media Relationship

The Listening Post: A look at so-called embedded journalism and how the US military uses the media to send a message to Tehran.