October 2012 Archive

America’s Newspaper of Record Continues to Ignore Sociologists on Jobs, Inequality

By Matt Vidal: Uncertainty in the labor market has been ideologically legitimated through a discourse that idealizes flexible employment and personal responsibility.

Robert Samuelson Takes on NYT Editorial Board: Government Does Not Create Jobs!

By Dean Baker: Robert Samuelson was sufficiently outraged by a NYT editorial claiming that the government creates jobs that for the first time in his 35 years as a columnist he felt the need to attack a newspaper editorial.

NYT: Time for Cuts in Security Spending?

By Raven Clabough: A number of critics have bemoaned the cost of war and national security since the attacks of September 11. According to the New York Times, the number of people opposed to the “blank check” used for security efforts in the United States has increased and may cause lawmakers to rethink security spending.

‘NYT’ Provides Platform To Israel Lobbyists To Position Obama To The Right Of Romney

By Philip Weiss: Yesterday Robert Wright had a good column at the Atlantic arguing that Romney would be a war president because he would be more beholden to the lobby and Sheldon Adelson than Obama would be to the lobby in a second term.

New York Times Proprietor Clears Mark Thompson Over Jimmy Savile Scandal

By Jason Deans: The proprietor of the New York Times has reassured staff unsettled by the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal that Mark Thompson, the formerBBC director general and incoming ...

Arthur Sulzberger Jr.

New York Times Co. Falls as Ad Slump Spurs Surprise Loss

By Edmund Lee: The New York Times Co. (NYT) tumbled the most in at least three decades after reporting a surprise loss on falling advertising sales, adding to the challenges for incoming Chief Executive Officer Mark Thompson.