October 2012 Archive


Professor Pinker Gets a “C” in American History

By Marie Burns: In a post on the New York Times' philosophy blog “The Stone,” Steven Pinker attempts to put the American red-state/blue-state divide in historical ...

Red vs. Blue: Causes Elude Us, but Effects Are Clear

By Ira Chernus: The prominent psychologist Steven Pinker has a long piece on the New York Times website, trying to explain why Republicans do so well in the South and the West but not in the rest of the country.


Letter to Arthur, Jill and Mark

By NYT Newspaper Guild: Dear Arthur, By the time you get this email, many of us will be in front of the building, passing out leaflets that explain our contract dispute. We want you to know why we believe this and other planned demonstrations, including a mass twitter campaign that begins today, are necessary.

Income Inequality and Globalization: The Protectionists Rule!

By Dean Baker: David Leonhardt tells NYT readers that income inequality is primarily due to technology and globalization.

José Antonio Vargas: ‘You Know Someone Undocumented’

By Rinku Sen: Join José Antonio Vargas and Colorlines.com at Facing Race 2012, a gathering of hundreds of racial justice thinkers, advocates and culture makers, in ...

NYT Tweet

New York Times Union Members Use Twitter To ‘Engage The Public’ In Contract Battle

By Jim Romenesko: The Newspaper Guild of New York is encouraging members at the New York Times to use Twitter today “to get our message out ...

China and Protectionism: It Ain’t Quite as Simple as They Tell Us

By Dean Baker: Eduardo Porter has an interesting NYT column on Governor Romney's threat to declare China a "currency manipulator" on day 1 of his administration.