October 2012 Archive

Mitt Romney

Romney the Detail Man?

By Robert Reich: The so-called “mainstream media” (aka The New York Times) is constantly being assailed by Republicans and the right for their supposedly liberal slant. Yet ...

Obama on Iran

NYT and the Sins of Omission in Relation to Iran’s Nuclear Program

By Steven M. Quesinberry: Most sane people should be happy to read about the potential for bilateral talks between the US and Iran, possibly taking the world ...

Government of the rich

NYT on ‘Class Imbalance’ in Politics

By Michael M'Gehee: The New York Times recently published an opinion by Nicholas Carnes, an assistant professor of public policy at Duke University and author of the forthcoming ...

Times Building

New York Times Staffers Mull Byline Strike

By Jim Romenesko: A Sunday dispatch from the Newspaper Guild of New York says hundreds of New York Times staffers have in recent days “quietly signed pledges ...

Obama and Iran

Obama Administration Denies Imminent Bilateral Talks With Iran

By David Dayen: The White House is denying a report in the New York Times claiming that they will conduct one-on-one talks with Iran over their nuclear program. ...

Ayatollah Khamenei

NYT: US, Iran Agree to One-On-One Nuclear Talks After Election

By John Glaser: The United States and Iran have agreed for the first time to one-on-one negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, Obama administration officials tell The New York Times, set to take place immediately following the US presidential elections.

Tom Friedman Wanker

Thomas Friedman Needs Your Help

By Diane Ravitch: I am assuming Thomas Friedman knows a lot about foreign affairs, which is what he mostly writes about. He certainly knows very little ...

Clean Energy

Hot Air from David Brooks on Clean Energy and Global Warming

By Dean Baker: David Brooks is trying to do his best to help the Romney campaign, but apparently he hasn't been getting the memos. Brooks' column today is ...

David Brooks

David Brooks Is No Green Truth Vigilante

By Jill Fitzsimmons: Conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks argued today that the Obama administration's clean energy investments have been "a wasteful disappointment," citing a figure that his own paper ...

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The Remarkable, Unfathomable Ignorance Of Debbie Wasserman Schultz

By Glenn Greenwald: The Chair of the Democratic National Committee is completely unaware of one of the biggest stories of the Obama years.