October 2012 Archive


Their Economic Health and Ours

By Costas Panayotakis: In a piece comparing the current health of the U.S. economy to that of other capitalist countries, Eduardo Porter concludes that “[r]elative to many, U.S. economy thrives.” “Relative” is, of course, the key word here because Porter’s optimistic pronouncement...

Obama and Romney Presidential Debate

Judging Candidates on Their Resemblance to Thomas Friedman

By Jim Naureckas: The day after the second Obama/Romney debate, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman offered a sort of scorecard for the debate–for the benefit of those watching on DVR, presumably.

Tom Friedman

The How Many Wrong Statements Can You Find In Thomas Friedman’s Column Game

By Dean Baker: It's always fun when Thomas Friedman writes a piece on economics. He likes to play a game with readers. He slips a number ...

Soldiers in Afghanistan - Reuters

The Lost Cause in Afghanistan: Do We Just Say ‘Oops’?

By Robert Dreyfuss: Last night’s debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney didn’t say much about Afghanistan, and neither did the earlier one. As I blogged last ...

Bad Weather

NYT Decides to Start Blaming Medicare and Social Security for Bad Weather

By Dean Baker: There is a serious effort by corporate honchos to cut Social Security and Medicare in the lame duck session of Congress. As has ...


New York Times’s Andrew Goldman Temporarily Suspended for Sexist Comments

By Katie J.M. Baker: Andrew Goldman will not be asking any women if they slept their way to the top for at least one month. "In light ...