October 2012 Archive

Obama Aides Launch Preemptive Attack on New Iran Plan

By Gareth Porter: Although the place and time of the next round of talks on Iran’s nuclear programme have not yet been announced, the manoeuvring by Iran and the United States to influence the outcome has already begun.

The New York Times Finally Calls For Afghan Withdrawal

By Tom Hayden: America’s flagship newspaper, the New York Times, called Sunday for the US to leave Afghanistan “on a schedule dictated only by the security of ...

NYT Coverage of ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’

By Michael M'Gehee: It has been fifty years since the infamous "Cuban Missile Crisis." Arthur Schlesinger, a historian and special assistant to the Kennedy administration, called ...

Organic Food

The Good News About Organics - And Why The Media Tend To Ignore It

By Curtis Brainard: In the long-running debate about whether organic food is more healthy and nutritious than the conventional variety, the press has shown a preference ...