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Help Save NYT eXaminer

An important appeal from NYT eXaminer Mainstream media play a pre-eminent role in framing the contours of political debate and public perception on the most important ...

Last US surge troops leave Afghanistan

The New York Times Changes Its Position, Now Urging an Immediate Start of the Withdrawal of Our Armed Forces From Afghanistan

By Ed Koch: In a full-page editorial this past Sunday, October 14, the New York Times publicly revealed its new position on our remaining in Afghanistan until December 2014 as proposed by the Obama administration.

Mark Thompson

A BBC Pedophilia Scandal Has A New York Times Connection

By David Paulin: Labor unrest and dreadful financial losses aren't all the New York Times has to worry about. A pedophilia scandal now rocking the BBC...


The Brookings Institution Demands Servile Journalism

By Glenn Greenwald: The New York Times public editor is attacked for suggesting the paper should "aggressively challenge" government claims on drones...