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David Brooks Forgets American History

By Marie Burns: In his New York Times column today, David Brooks views the vice-presidential debate as a contest between generations. In Brooks opinion, Vice President ...

Port of Piraeus

Long Live The Race To The Bottom!

By Costas Panayotakis: Liz Alderman’s “Under Chinese, a Greek Port Thrives” is the New York Times’ latest sermon for neoliberal ‘reform.’ The article contrasts the part of the Greek port of Piraeus, close to Athens, which has been leased to the Chinese company, Cosco, to the part, still run by Greece, which “lags behind” in productivity.

Muslims and Religion

A Post-Mortem on Muslim Rage: What did the reaction to the Islamophobic Trailer Really Tell Us?

By Ali R. Abootalebi: Today’s journalism and social media, with their increasingly short news cycles, are good at pitching issues but bad at analysis and summations. ...

Ryan on Medicare

Ryan on Medicare: More Mind Reading at the NYT

By Dean Baker: Is everyone in the news business a frustrated mind reader? Given their often demonstrated tendency to tell us what politicians think, we might ...

Arithmetic Lesson

Bad Arithmetic on the Battle Against Poverty

By Dean Baker: As part of the NYT’s affirmative action program for right-wingers, it ran an oped column by Gary E. MacDougal, a former business consultant and executive and advisor ...

Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson heads for the daily Page One meeting on Feb. 29 as hundreds of journalists and other Guild-represented employees line the hall to silently protest a company proposal to cut their benefits.

Look For New York Times Labor Deal By Early November, If At All

By Jeff Sonderman: If the mediation process between the New York Times management and Guild is going to produce a deal, it will probably come within the next month, Guild President Bill O’Meara said in an interview Thursday.

Hannah and Fairchild at Keystone protest

Police Paid by TransCanada Detain New York Times Journalists on Private Property

By Tar Sands Blockade: Two journalists working for the New York Times were handcuffed, detained and then turned away from private property by local law enforcement employed as private security guards for multinational pipeline corporation TransCanada.