October 2012 Archive

Romney Abortion

NY Times Helps Romney Soft-Pedal His Stance On Abortion

By Adam Shah: The New York Times aided Mitt Romney's effort to allay fears about his extreme positions on reproductive rights.

Obama debate

New York Times Misses The Debate: Obama’s Weak Ego-Structure

By Norman Pollack: The Times’s coverage of Mr. Obama’s performance in the first debate, which supporters and opponents alike have characterized as ill-prepared or lackluster, and which he in his Denver speech and his staff sought to excuse as the surprising persona of Mr. Romney, misses a central point.

Romney and Obama Might Agree on Trade, But Not Free Trade

By Dean Baker: Adam Davidson has an interesting piece in the NYT Magazine that highlights the similarities in the economic positions of President Obama and Governor Romney. While ...

Sulzberger Will Shows Heirs Want to Sell His New York Times Stock

By James Fanelli: The children of the late New York Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger are moving quickly to sell stock he held in the Gray Lady's parent company, his will reveals.

Guild Proposes Mediator for Talks; NY Times Management Accepts

By NYT Newspaper Guild: A day after Times negotiators walked out of talks and told the Guild they would come to the next bargaining session with their “final ...

The ‘Long Live the Paper Book’ Argument Needs To Mention DRM

By Samir Chopra: Justin Hollander’s defense of the traditional paper book  (‘Long Live Paper’, New York Times, 10 October 2012) is well-meant but given the severity of ...

NYT Uncovers Shocking Truth: Mitt Romney is a Capitalist!

By Dean Baker: The NYT has a major article yesterday that begins by telling readers about Asimco Technologies...