October 2012 Archive

The New York Times Promotes The Syrian Contras

By Alex Lantier: On October 5 journalist C. J. Chivers published a long article in the New York Times, sympathetically recording the views of the US-backed Syrian opposition, titled “Rebels Say West’s Inaction Is Pushing Syrians to Extremism.”

A wounded Palestinian boy lies on a hospital bed following an Israeli air strike in Rafah camp in the southern Gaza Strip Oct. 7, 2012

NY Times Headline Reverses Chronology, Story Leaves Out Important Information

By Alison Weir: Monday's New York Times features a headline that reverses the sequence of events described in the story it is allegedly representing. It also omits significant information.

NYT 10 min walkout

Times Publisher to Guild Members: I Don’t Care

By NYT Newspaper Guild: In response to the letter signed by more than 600 of his employees and the impressive show of Guild solidarity on Monday, Arthur Sulzberger, ...

Stop following me

Ideology Trumps Science and Blocks Regulation

By William Black: This column was prompted by an NYT story that ran Friday entitled “Congressman Calls Evolution Lie from ‘Pit of Hell.’” Yes, unintentional self-parody continues to reign supreme.

Sun in X-Ray

NY Times: Funding For Fusion ‘Better Spent On Renewable Sources Of Energy That Are Likely To Be Cheaper And Quicker’

By Joe Romm: I am a big proponent of harnessing the power of fusion — from 93 million miles away. Fusion is done by our sun really, ...

Schools Fail

If This Newspaper Gets It, Why Can’t the NY Times?

By Diane Ravitch: The Reading (Pa.) Eagle has a smart editorial questioning the state’s rating system for schools. It seems that quite a few local schools did not ...

People attend a campaign rally by Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, who is seeking re-election in an October 7 presidential vote, in Guarenas in the state of Miranda September 29, 2012. REUTERS/Jorge Silva

Regarding “Fears Persist Among Venezuelan Voters Ahead of Election”

From Gregory Wilpert: Dear William Neuman, I am writing to you to point out a couple of what I consider to be serious problems with your recent ...


The New York Times Kosher Los Angeles Article Is…Wrong

By Rob Eshman: There are about 70 kosher restaurants in Los Angeles. The New York Times article on kosher dining in Los Angeles mentions four of them. Why?


David Brooks on Drugs and Medicare

By Dean Baker: While we may not know whether David Brooks’ try out as a Romney speechwriter was successful, he clearly is doing his best for the campaign. ...

Julian Assange Hit Piece In New York Times

(August, 17) — Julian Assange was absurdly smeared in a New York Times piece by William Neuman and Maggy Ayala. The report stooped as low as ...