October 2012 Archive

JP Morgan Chase

New York Times Profile of London Whale Boss, Ina Drew, Camouflages Dimon’s Risk Management Failures

By Yves Smith: A New York Times profile of Ina Drew, the former head of the JP Morgan Chief Investment Office, almost certainly produced high fives in the ...

The Imperial Messenger

Tom Friedman’s Special Relationship

By Belén Fernández: In October 2010, during the latest round of the Israeli–Palestinian peace charade, Thomas Friedman is summoned to an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 television in order to defend his recent dispatch “Just Knock It Off,” in which he is critical of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s resistance to a brief continuation of the partial moratorium on Israeli settlement building in the West Bank...


The NYT’s Romance of Start-up Businesses

By Dean Baker: Politicians and the media just LOVE start-up businesses. We got another example of this relationship in an NYT piece on start-ups hiring fewer workers that ...