October 2012 Archive


A Strange Thing Happened on the Way to the Presses

By Marie Burns: In a Caucus blogpost published at 10 am ET Thursday, New York Times reporters Michael Cooper, Abby Goodnough and Robert Pear did a little fact-checking into the claims the presidential candidates made during Wednesday's debate.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Credit Reuters

The New York Times Is Confused: It Thinks That President Obama and Governor Romney are Philosophers

By Dean Baker: The NYT is badly confused. While most of us recognize President Obama and Governor Romney as politicians, the NYT somehow came to believe that they are political philosophers.

Girl Science

How To Fix the Bias Against Women in Science? Think Big.

By Amanda Hess: Last month, researchers from Yale University released results of a study showing that male and female professors across scientific disciplines demonstrate bias against female students in ...

Huffington Post and Global Markets

Editor International Herald Tribune (Global Edition of the NYT) Paris, France Sir Ah, good old Ariana Huffington, spreading her consumerist tentacles across the globe (Eric Pfanner, IHT, September 27). ...

We are all Immigrants

“Illegal Immigrant” Isn’t the Only Controversial Term the Times Has Endorsed

By Ted Heson and Cristina Costantini: A quick search through the Times archive turned up a gaggle of present-day aspersions that were once considered acceptable by the paper.

Drop the I Word

The New York Times: No Advantage in Moving Away from Use of ‘Illegal Immigrant’

By Latin Times Staff Writer: Helen F. Chavez, widow of Cesar Chavez, has called on the New York Times to "stop using ethnic or racial stereotypes." Chavez said she ...