October 2012 Archive

Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat Tries His Hand as a Romney Speech Writer

By Dean Baker: Ross Douthat is the third columnist this week who is trying his hand as a Romney speechwriter following on an effort by Robert Samuelson on Monday, and David ...

Payroll Tax

The Payroll Tax Cut Is Likely To Expire—Let’s Replace It With Better Stimulus

By Andrew Fieldhouse: Annie Lowrey’s recent piece in the New York Times on the likely year’s end expiration of the 2 percentage-point employee-side payroll tax cut has sparked a welcomed ...

NYT Behind the Times

The Times Is Behind the Times

By Cristina Costantini: The New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan wrote yesterday that her paper should continue using the term "illegal immigrant" because it is accurate and isn't "meant to be uncaring."


Lady Gaga Changes Song Lyrics In Support Of Fashion Designers As They Wage War With Top Style Critic Cathy Horyn

By Oliva Fleming: Lady Gaga has decided to add more fuel to a complicated and fierce fashion fight between The New York Times style critic Cathy Horyn and fashion designers Oscar de la Renta and Hedi Slimane.