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Europe’s Protests: The Times’ False Impartiality Toward Markets & Austerity

By Chris Spannos: In his Op-Ed today “Europe’s Austerity Madness,” Paul Krugman noted that just a few days ago many people believed that Europe finally had things under control, “All that debtor nations had to do, the story went, was agree to more and deeper austerity — the condition for central bank loans — and all would be well.” But Krugman points out that the “purveyors of conventional wisdom forgot that people were involved.”

Obama at UN

NYT Reports President Obama Delivered ‘strong defense of America’s belief in freedom of speech’

By Michael M'Gehee: New York Times journalist Helene Cooper recently "covered" President Obama's speech at the United Nations General Assembly in her article "Obama Tells U.N. New Democracies Need Free Speech."