September 2012 Archive


Thomas Friedman Against the Arab World: How the New York Times Columnist Objectifies Muslim Women and Shills For War

By Belén Fernández: The New York Times Op-Ed writer who pushed for the Iraq War should quit trying to "civilize" the Arab and Muslim world. Tom Friedman: ...

New York Times Propaganda

Great Paper. Great Propaganda Organ

By Edward Herman: On October 11, 2011, Paul Krugman asserted on his blog that he had the privilege of writing two columns a week for “the ...


Rare Conservative-Progressive Agreement: Corporate Capture Of The Government Is A Bad Thing

By Ross Eisenbrey: Ross Douthat, a very conservative New York Times columnist, rarely writes anything—even a sentence—that I agree with.


The Budget Deficit and the Mysterious Forces That Determine Newspaper Headlines

By Dean Baker: The NYT notes that the deficit is likely to surpass $1 trillion for the fourth consecutive year. It then tells readers: "Against that headline-grabbing figure, Mr. ...

Mulligan Tries Again to Blame the Drop in Employment on the Supply Side

By Dean Baker: Casey Mulligan takes another stab at explaining the drop in employment since the housing market crash on changes in incentives in the NYT today. The ...