September 2012 Archive

Special Forces in Iraq

US Special Forces Deployed in Iraq, Again

By Tom Hayden: Despite the official US military withdrawal last December, American special forces “recently” returned to Iraq on a counter-terrorism mission, according to an American ...

Getty Images Miller

When The New York Times Came Out of the Closet

By Charles Kaiser: If you were born after 1970, I think it is nearly impossible to imagine how it felt to open up The New York Times Magazine on a Sunday morning in January 1971 to discover “What it Means to be a Homosexual,” a deeply personal and beautifully written piece in defense of homosexuality.

Conservative Heroes

Our Mr. Brooks Picks His Own Private History

By Charles P. Pierce: Up there on the left, that's Harry Dent, Sr. He was a conservative political strategist of the 1960's and 1970's. He worked for, ...

Berlin, Germany

Work Sharing: The Hidden Secret of Germany’s Economic Success

By Dean Baker: The NYT had an article that reported on Germany's relative economic success and attributed it to the labor market reforms that reduced benefits for unemployed ...