September 2012 Archive

Save Our Times

Letter to Arthur, Jill and Mark

By NYT Newspaper Guild of New York: Dear Arthur, Jill and Mark, Eighteen months after our contracts expired, we stand at the threshold of crisis. Our duty to the institution and to you is to speak plainly. The company’s demands are untenable and destructive.

NYT Building

The New York Times Union Contemplates a Collective Chant in the Lobby — or a Public Demo

By Cynthia Cotts: Just before noon Monday, a stream of about 200 New York Times staffers left the company’s headquarters at 620 Eighth Avenue, heading for the local hotel workers union a few blocks north. A meeting was set for noon to inform Times union members about the status of ongoing contract negotiations and to send a message to Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr.

Esq Paul Ryan Zombie Eyes

What Letting Paul Ryan Be Paul Ryan Gets You

By Charles P. Pierce: The New York Times provided an invaluable public service yesterday morning by publishing a clinical case study in dementia.

David Carr

Newsmakers Trade Access For Quotation Approval

Renee Montagne talks to David Carr, the media and culture columnist for The New York Times, about the trend toward journalists agreeing to quotation approval as a condition of access. Carr says he doesn't think the people who are making history should be allowed to rewrite it.

Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat Says New York “Solves” Its Teen Pregnancy Problem With Abortion

By Amanda Marcotte: Ross Douthat of the New York Times took to Twitter this afternoon to denounce my post comparing teen birth rates in Mississippi and New York, and ...