September 2012 Archive

Map of Iraq and Region

NYT’s “On the Wrong Side”

By Michael M'Gehee: When editorials for large media companies like the New York Times castigate foreign countries for their "distressing willingness to side with the region’s most repressive ...


“Recalibrating” U.S. Russian Relations and the Humanitarian/Political Divide

By Daniel Warner: In an article in the September 24 edition of the International Herald Tribune, the global edition of the New York Times, David M. ...

Egyptian President

Mursi Sets Terms to US for Mideast Peace

By Special Correspondent: Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi has called on the US to make good on its commitment to Palestinian self-rule made at the 1978 Camp David accord that led to peace between Egypt and Israel.

Facebook Prineville Servers

Why the New York Times Story “Power, Pollution, and the Internet” is a Sloppy Failure

By Dan Woods: In its story published Sunday, “Power, Pollution, and the Internet”, The New York Times failed in its mission to accurately explain the important issue of improving efficient use of power in data centers, and instead wrote a confused and incomplete article that is unworthy of its reputation.

NY Times Peddles War Propaganda | Interview with Daniel Simpson

Former New York Times journalist, Daniel Simpson speaks about his choice to leave the famous news source after citing war propaganda in its publications.

Breaking News: Teacher Invited to Education Conference

By Students Last: New York City - Setting aside a long-held tradition, the New York Times has invited an actual public school teacher to participate in their [September ...

Marc H. Ellis

Exile and the Prophetic: The Americanization of Israeli Power

By Marc H. Ellis: My history lesson for the day, from an unknown admirer, via email. As you read it and learn remember, it’s better than a death threat.