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“Contempt” Is Not Another Word for “Empathy”

By Marie Burns: In a "Campaign Stops" post which the New York Times published late Tuesday night, columnist Ross Douthat argues that GOP presidential nominee Mitt ...

OWS 1 Year Anniversary

Putting Sorkin’s Occupy Wall Street Critique in a Larger Historical Context

By Mark Bray: In “Occupy Wall Street: A Frenzy That Fizzled” Andrew Ross Sorkin leaped into the ongoing frenzy, which has hopefully fizzled, of proclaiming the death of Occupy as thousands of people are taking to the streets.

Maureen Dowd

Maureen Dowd Accuses The Neocons Of Fomenting War — And Is Promptly Tarred As An Anti-Semite

By Philip Weiss: In the last day or two we have seen one of the most remarkable policings of the discourse that I’ve ever seen; and ...

Dan Senor

The Attacks on Maureen Dowd Are Themselves Anti-Semitic

By MJ Rosenberg: It's come full circle. The neocons are now using classic anti-semitic tropes to attack Maureen Dowd for criticizing Romney adviser Dan Senor and the other neocons...

Illustration by DonkeyHotey for The Politics Blog (Based on Images from the AP)

Our Mr. Brooks Jumps the Ship, Thurston for More

By Charles P. Pierce: Moral Hazard, the Irish setter owned for photo-op purposes by New York Times columnist David Brooks, decided he would be a real ...

NY Times Downgraded to Neutral

By Zacks Equity Research: The economy, which is still making its way out of the woods, has been taking its toll on publishing companies, and The New York ...

Another One!

By Andrew Sullivan: The usual would-be policeman of Washington's discourse on all things to do with Israel, Jeffrey Goldberg, takes a break from the Jewish holidays to consign ...