September 2012 Archive


Blowback Happens: Unintended Consequences in Libya

By Gary Leupp: Well surprise, surprise, everybody! Especially you warmongers, neocons, “liberal interventionists,” congressional cowards, and slavish press! Your efforts to shape and exploit the Arab Spring have stirred up hornets’ nests.


Sabra-Shatila 1982; Iran 2012?

By Barry Lando: The outburst of anti-Americanism sweeping much of the Arab world was ignited by an off-the-wall film insulting Mohammed, but the underlying outrage is ...

Israel Nukes

Oh SNAP! NYT Mentions Israeli Nukes in Bibi Iran Piece

By Megan Iorio: When I sat down to take in the headlines yesterday on the New York Times website, I was not altogether pleased with the paper of ...

Barack Obama

NYT Public Ed Calls for Quote Approval Policy

By Dylan Byers: "Quote approval" has been an oft-discussed topic in the trade since the New York Times first informed the public that the presidential campaigns wield final ...

The New York Times, False Balance And The Right-Wing Noise Machine

By Eric Boehlert: In her second full column on the job, New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan this weekend jumped into the newsroom debate over false balance and looked ...

Margaret Sullivan

At NYT, She Said No to ‘He Said/She Said’–but They Said Yes

By Peter Hart: The new public editor at the New York Times, Margaret Sullivan, dedicated her first column to factchecking and false balance. Her conclusion...

New York Times

Times Negotiators Refuse To Improve Their Bonus Proposal

By The Newspaper Guild of New York: Contract talks resumed [last Wednesday] with more discussion of the Incentive Bonus Plan, as management refused to budge from ...