September 2012 Archive


The TPP: The Corporate Wish-List The NYT Doesn’t Want You To Know About

By Palak Amin: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is the stuff CEO dreams are made out of but a nightmare for the 99%. The NYT wants to keep its readers in the dark about all of its far-reaching implications.

Maureen Dowd

The Anti-Semitic Slur Surfaces Once Again

By Kevin Drum: Over at Commentary, they're partying like it's 2003. Here is Jonathan Tobin on Maureen Dowd's column...

False Equivalence in the New York Times Voting Rights Story

By Andrew Cohen: Just a short post here to make a few points about the current kerfuffle over a recent The New York Times' piece on voting rights and voter fraud.

Jeff Zeleny

New York Times Reporter Parrots GOP Talking Points, Suggests Obama’s Middle East Policy Is ‘Naive’ And ‘Quaint’

By Judd Legum: This morning on Fox News Sunday, New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny suggested Obama’s foreign policy in the Middle East, as articulated in ...