September 2012 Archive

NYT Upsidedown

NYT Buries the Lead on Iran

By Peter Hart: Part of being a journalist–the most important part, perhaps–is deciding which information is most relevant to readers.

Chris Hedges

Journalist’s Suit Against Indefinite Domestic Military Detention Wins In Federal Court

By Steven Rosenfeld: A federal judge permanently threw out a key part of the National Defense Authorization Act on Thursday as part of a lawsuit brought by former New York Times journalist Chris Hedges and others who claimed that they could be held in indefinite military detention because they interviewed suspected terrorists.

New York Times' Quarterly Profits Falls 58 Percent

NY Times Moves To Cut Pension Liabilities

By Reuters: The New York Times Co is offering some of its former employees a new payment option in an effort to reduce pension liabilities, the company said in a regulatory filing on Friday.