September 2012 Archive

Chicago Teachers

NYT Editorial on Chicago Teachers Strike borrows from Mohawk Valley Formula

By Michael M'Gehee: On page A30 of today's New York edition of the New York Times is a ghastly editorial on the teachers strike in Chicago. In "Chicago Teachers’ ...

NYT Scoops the Story

The New York Times’ Juicy, Scoop-Filled 9/11 Op-Ed Is Neither Juicy Nor Full of Scoops

By John Cook: Kurt Eichenwald, the disgraced former New York Times reporter whose career went up in flames after he got caught secretly paying thousands of dollars to a child pornographer ...

Earns New York Times

New York Times Contract Talks Stall Over Pension, Bonuses, Print Versus Digital Terms

By Katherine Fung: Contract negotiations at the New York Times started up again on Monday, and staffers are reportedly "fuming" over the management's proposed terms. New York ...

Twin Towers-Statue of Liberty

The Neocons and 9/11

By Robert Parry: Eleven years after the fact, the key relevance of 9/11 to Campaign 2012 is that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has surrounded himself with neoconservative foreign policy advisers much as George W. Bush did in 2001, when the neocons let their ideological obsessions blind them to the threat from al-Qaeda.


Jay-Z Is Right 99 Times, But This Ain’t One

By Russell Simmons: As a person who cares deeply about Occupy Wall Street, I have to honor their year-long effort and educate my long-time friend, Jay-Z. This weekend, ...

Jack and the Beanstalk

We Eat by the Grace of Nature, Not by the Grace of Monsanto

By Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez: “Organic, schmorganic,” fumes New York Times columnist Roger Cohen sarcastically in an article entitled “The Organic Fable.” He bases his sweeping dismissal of the ...

Alright, What’s Up?

By Josh Marshall: I’m not sure what’s up with this. But earlier this evening the Times ran a story entitled “Behind Romney’s Decision to Attack Obama on Libya.” ...

Chicago Teachers Go On Strike For First Time In 25 Years

The Teachers’ Strike in Chicago…and VAMs

By Jared Bernstein: Steve Greenhouse does a nice job of explaining what’s going on in this high visibility strike by Chicago’s public school teachers.  I need to learn more ...