September 2012 Archive

‘America the Brittle?’

By Stephen M. Walt: According to yesterday's New York Times, assorted "senior American officials" are upset that adversaries like al Qaeda, the Taliban, or the Somali pirates are ...


Occupy Wall Street Plans ‘Teach-In’ After Jay-Z Questions Movement

By Rolling Stone: After Jay-Z distanced himself from Occupy Wall Street in comments over the weekend in The New York Times' T Style magazine, the movement's "Guitarmy" plans to respond...

Think Again: The Mistaken Bias of The New York Times’s Public Editor

By Eric Alterman: Arthur Brisbane left his job as the public editor of The New York Times this past week, deciding before leaving to double the degree of damage he has done to that institution—and to the newspaper business itself, of which the Times is the unchallenged leader.

Republicans Complicit In The ‘Failure’ They Rail Against

By Jonathan Capehart: Paul Krugman’s excellent column today hammers away at the Republican Party’s “obstruct and exploit” tactics against President Obama. His prime example is the American ...

Paul Krugman: Republican Party’s Base ‘Is By And Large Elderly White People Arguing With Empty Chairs’

By Bonnie Kavoussi: Paul Krugman really appreciated Clint Eastwood's performance at the Republican National Convention, since he thinks it highlighted a larger truth about the Republican ...

Do Politicians Really Have Much to Do with Job Creation?

By Jared Bernstein: Reading Matt Bai’s piece in the NYT Magazine yesterday about the Ohio economy, and reflecting on many recent discussions and debates, I found myself pondering the question posed above.

New York Guild Out in Force for City’s Labor Day Parade

By Newspaper Guild of New York: New York Guild members celebrated their union pride as the city marks Labor Day with its annual parade Sept. 8, 2012.

Dad feeds son

Dads: Your Bad Habits Can Pass Down to Your Children

By Hanna Rosin: After reading Judith Shulevitz fascinating op-ed in the New York Times this week about new research showing how a man’s “lifestyle choices” will affect his future children, I found myself imagining...