September 2012 Archive

Backward, Not Forward

By Marie Burns: David Brooks offers a good example in his New York Times column today on how not to analyze a political speech. First, a speech ...

NYT Libya Torture

NYT Still Has a Torture Problem

By Peter Hart: What do you call it when prisoners are slammed into walls, forced to wear diapers, placed in stress positions and subjected to drowning? ...

Julian Assange and Emilio Palacio

A Tale of Two Asylums: Assange, Palacio, and Media Hypocrisy

By Keane Bhatt: Every so often, world affairs offer us paired examples—two nearly identical instances through which we can better understand the role of powerful institutions, like the media.

Pro-Growth and Pro-Wall Street is an Oxymoron

By Dean Baker: A NYT piece contrasting the politics of Elizabeth Warren and Bill Clinton tells readers that: "Mr. Clinton is the president who made the sustained case to ...