September 2012 Archive


Backward, Not Forward

By Marie Burns: David Brooks offers a good example in his New York Times column today on how not to analyze a political speech. First, a speech ...

NYT Libya Torture

NYT Still Has a Torture Problem

By Peter Hart: What do you call it when prisoners are slammed into walls, forced to wear diapers, placed in stress positions and subjected to drowning? ...

Julian Assange and Emilio Palacio

A Tale of Two Asylums: Assange, Palacio, and Media Hypocrisy

By Keane Bhatt: Every so often, world affairs offer us paired examples—two nearly identical instances through which we can better understand the role of powerful institutions, like the media.

Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Warren at DNC 2012

Pro-Growth and Pro-Wall Street is an Oxymoron

By Dean Baker: A NYT piece contrasting the politics of Elizabeth Warren and Bill Clinton tells readers that: "Mr. Clinton is the president who made the sustained case to ...