September 2012 Archive

David Brooks

David Brooks Will Never Try to Be Funny Again

By Dan Amira: Today marks the one-week anniversary of the Great David Brooks Confusing Satire Incident of 2012, in which conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks penned what was ...

Election 2012

The U.S. Presidential Election: Do Facts Matter?

By Daniel Warner: During the recent political campaigns in the United States it has become fashionable to do fact checks on what the candidates say. Reporters ...


Why Full Employment Should Be On The NYT’s List Of Reasons For The Income Slump

By Jared Bernstein: A few days ago I posted this response the NYT’s list of reasons for the income slump.  One of my main points was that full employment—i.e., its absence—is ...

Israel Iran nuclear

‘NYT’ Serves As Echo Chamber For Israeli Hawks, Quoting 7 On Iran, Plus 2 Israel Lobbyists

By Philip Weiss: A frontpage New York Times piece last Friday about the Iranian threat served as an echo chamber for hawkish Israeli opinion.

Women Graduates

The NYT’s Confusion Over Why More Men Don’t Go to College Isn’t as Confusing to People Who Know the Data

By Dean Baker: A lengthy NYT Magazine piece reports on the increasing number of couples where the women earns more than the man. It notes that one reason ...

Andy Sundberg: A Patriot Abroad

NYTX Editor's note: Andy Sundberg, who will be fondly remembered and missed by many, contributed to NYTX's "Geneva Dateline" column. Friend of Andy (FOA) and ...