August 2012 Archive

Republican Convention

Worst Ryan Puffery Yet?

By David Sirota: The unwritten rule in Washington journalism circles is to never — ever — mention cash.


Bloc Party: Pantomime and Power in the Imperial System

By Chris Floyd: On Thursday, with media attention focused on the gooberish plutocrat accepting the nomination of one faction of our single ruling party -- the ...

David Brooks

David Brooks Is Much Younger Than He Looks

By Dean Baker: That is the only conclusion that readers of David Brooks' column could reach. After all, he tells us: "today’s Republican Party unabashedly celebrates this ambition and ...

Ethan Bronner

NYT’s Bronner To Speak About ‘My Israel’ On Behalf Of Liberal Zionist Group

By Philip Weiss: Next week Ethan Bronner, a NY Times reporter who till recently was the Jerusalem bureau chief for the newspaper,  is speaking about "My Israel" ...

Obama Philosopher

NYT Thinks That President Obama is a Philosopher

By Dean Baker: It really is bizarre, but apparently the NYT doesn't know what line of work President Obama is in. Perhaps they think he is ...