August 2012 Archive

Thomas Friedman

Friedman’s Sermon

By Stephen M. Walt: One of the nice things about being a superpower is you get to run around telling the rest of the world what ...

CIA spokeswoman Marie Harf, via Twitter

Correspondence and Collusion Between the New York Times and the CIA

By Glenn Greenwald: Mark Mazzetti's emails with the CIA expose the degradation of journalism that has lost the imperative to be a check to power...

Work Force

The Food Here is Poison and the Portions Are So Small (Paul Krugman Edition)

By Dean Baker: The economics profession tends to be bipolar. It swings from periods of wild optimism to wild pessimism while rarely stopping anywhere in the ...

Maureen Dowd

What Mark Mazzetti’s Maureen Dowd CIA tipoff means for the New York Times

By Dan Gillmor: After earlier blithe assurances, the Times has called its reporter's action 'a mistake'. But is it symptomatic of a culture of coziness?


Color War and Obama’s “Wink” Strategy

By Eli Zaretsky: When I was a child at camp, one of the summer highlights was “color war.” The entire camp, including counselors and staff, would ...

New York Times’ Brisbane Weighs in on Draft-Sharing Dustup

By Andrew Beaujon: Outgoing Times Public Editor Arthur Brisbane interrupts his lame-duck week to lower the boom on Mark Mazzetti and Maureen Dowd.

Boston Globe

The Boston Globe Won’t Say Who Wrote Op-Ed Similar to Column

By John Zaremba: The Boston Globe is refusing to reveal the identity of an editorial writer whose opinion piece earlier this month closely mirrored an online ...

Sally Singer

Sally Singer Leaves T: The New York Times’s Style Magazine

By Isabel Wilkinson: The editor of The New York Times’s style magazine is out—effective immediately.

New York Times Reporter Leaked Colleague’s Column to the CIA

By RT: When The New York Times took on Barack Obama in an op-ed last year, the paper called out the president for relying on Hollywood ...