August 2012 Archive

NYT on the Death of Washington’s ‘Strongman’ in Ethiopia

By Michael M'Gehee: Ethiopia’s "repressive prime minister," Meles Zenawi, died last week from a "secondary infection," reported New York Times journalist Jeffrey Gettleman.

Brisbane’s Final Column

By Jay Rosen: In his final column after two years on the job, the New York Times public editor, Arthur Brisbane, was moved to criticize the ...

David Brooks, Santa Claus, and the Serious Mr. Ryan

By Dean Baker: NYT readers must be wondering whether David Brooks believes in Santa Claus...

Serena and Venus

A Play-by-Play of The New York Times’ Ridiculous Video of Serena and Venus Playing … Dress Up

By Laura Gottesdiener: Don't get me wrong. I'm happy that Serena and Venus are on the cover of The New York Times magazine this week. Sure, ...