August 2012 Archive

Turning Palestinian Water Into Jewish Wine Or When Jodi Met Dani

By Alice Bach: For three weeks, since The New York Times published that muscle-flexing warning written by Dani Dayan, chairman or the “Yesha” council that represents Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank and formerly in Gaza, I have continued to chew my cheek in irritation.

The New York Times Publishes Misplaced Concerns Over Mercosur

By Keane Bhatt: On Tuesday, July 31, the presidents of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay met in Brasília and formally admitted Venezuela into Mercosur, the world’s third-largest trading bloc.

David Brooks Doesn’t Have Access to the Medicare Trustees Report

By Dean Baker: David Brooks makes one of his usual balanced pitches for the Romney-Ryan ticket. As usual, just about everything of substance in the piece is wrong. He ...

How LNG Reaches Consumers

Exporting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Is Still Bad For The Climate — And A Very Poor Long-Term Investment

By Joe Romm: The surge in U.S. production of shale gas is creating a surge in permit requests to build liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals. That’s ...

Consume Hourglass

The NYT and the Causes of the Income Slump

By Jared Bernstein: The NYT’s middle-class income series is back with an interesting list of the factors most commonly cited for the slump in median income in the US ...

Paul Ryan

NY Times’ Paul Ryan Mythology Skips Past His Deficit Origins

By Jeremy Holden: The New York Times whitewashed Paul Ryan's role in creating massive deficits during the Bush administration, portraying the Republican vice presidential pick as a ...