August 2012 Archive

Julian Assange

Assange, Sex, Power and Gringos

By Murray Polner: Julian Assange, WikiLeaks’ driving force, recently stepped out on a balcony on August 19 at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he currently resides as a refugee. On the next day the Times, generally critical about WikiLeaks and its founder, chose to publish an Op Ed by Anita Isaacs, author of The Politics of Military Rule and Transition in Ecuador...


On Haiti, Jared Diamond Hasn’t Done His Homework

By Keane Bhatt: In a July 29th speech at a fundraiser in Jerusalem, presidential candidate Mitt Romney attributed the stark difference in economic development between Israel and Palestine ...

84th Annual Academy Awards - Nominated Docs! Reception

Michael Moore, Oliver Stone Back Julian Assange In NYT Op-Ed

By Jack Mirkinson: In a joint op-ed in the New York Times, filmmakers Michael Moore and Oliver Stone hailed WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange and said he is ...

Jodi Rudoren

My Correspondence with Jodi Rudoren

By Jerome Slater: In the last few days I have had an interesting email exchange with Jodi Rudoren of the New York Times...

US Naval exercise in the South China Sea

New York Times Backs Reckless US Intervention in South China Sea

By Peter Symonds: The New York Times has once again stepped forward as the apologist for and promoter of the Obama administration’s aggressive foreign policy—this time in the South China Sea.

Fannie Mae

New York Times Publishes Apology for Obama’s Failed Housing Policies

By Yves Smith: On the one hand, the dismal failure of the Administration’s cosmetic responses to the foreclosure mess is so evident that the New York Times is willing ...


NYT Front-Pager on Administration Housing Policy Misses Several Key Points

By David Dayen: Any time you hear defenders of the Obama Administration talk about how they did all they could for the economy, reached the limits ...

David Leonhardt’s List of Causes of Inequality is Too Short

By Dean Baker: Take the poll and add your two cents. Here's mine: How about limited global competition? There are plenty of smart people in China and India who could ...