August 2012 Archive


Phasing Out the Brothers

By Ishmael Reed: Will White Women Turn Their Uteri Over to the Republicans, Again?


Doctors Remove Bullet from Victim’s Head: Seek to Determine Cause of Death

By Dean Baker: A New York Times article on "Europe's lost decade" could have easily had a headline like this. The piece talks about the high unemployment and ...

Rick Snyder

The Gray Lady Falls Off the Balance Beam

By Marcy Wheeler: Granted, it pertains to my right-wing governor, so it’s personal. But this NYT profile of Rick Snyder is a remarkable example of the perverse journalistic ...

Paul Ryan

Do All Conservative Intellectuals Have Trouble With Arithmetic?

By Dean Baker: The NYT ran a promotion for Representative Paul Ryan as a news story. The piece did not include a single critical comment from any of ...

Paul Sakuma-Associated Press

Robots Don’t Cost Jobs, Bad Economic Policy Does

By Dean Baker: The NYT had an interesting piece on how a new generation of robots is able to do far more sophisticated tasks in factories and warehouses than earlier generations of robots. The piece repeatedly warns that this new technology could cost large numbers of jobs.