August 2012 Archive


How Not to Cover a Presidential Campaign

By Marie Burns: Brian McFadden, who creates an editorial comic strip for the New York Times Sunday Review, has outdone himself today. His topic: “Presidential Campaign ...


The Greek Grassroots Challenge to the Politics of Austerity

By Thomas Harrison and Joanne Landy: Harrison and Landy recently returned from a trip to Greece, where they met with activists and others to gain a ...

TAU Nakba Commemoration and Counter-protest (29)

Inequality and Israel’s Forgotten Palestinians

By Patrick O. Strickland: On 15 August, the NY Times ran an editorial authored by Aaron David Miller under the title of “Preserving Israel’s Uncertain Status Quo.” Miller argues that the Israeli government’s attempts to achieve a “more peaceful and prosperous future” must “count for something.”

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

Election 2012: Paul Ryan and the Real Deficit - Democracy!

By Michael M'Gehee: Presidential elections are carefully crafted public relations events. Hundreds of millions of dollars are pumped into a single campaign, and the money is ...


Defending Urbanism, Defending Oakland

By Alex Schafran: Refreshed by a much-needed hiatus, I had every intention of coming back to Polis with stories of bizarre postmodern French housing projects, the urbanism of ...

Occupy Oakland

Oakland: Incubator for Meaningful Local Politics

By Darwin Bond-Graham: The New York Times Magazine’s recent feature on Oakland — “the last refuge of radical America”— seemed to have one overriding purpose: to convince the rest of the nation ...


The NYT and the School of Assassins

By Joan Roelofs: Saturday, August 11, The New York Times printed a front page article about the nun, Sister Megan Rice, age 82, who committed civil disobedience at ...