August 2012 Archive


Ross Douthat Likes Paul Ryan

By Marie Burns: In a post titled, “Why Moderates Should Like Paul Ryan,” Ross Douthat of the New York Times writes that “moderates – and maybe, ...

TSA Boston

Boston Airport Security Program Rife With Racial Profiling Has Israeli Links

By Alex Kane: Security officers at Boston’s Logan International Airport have come under fire for the widespread racial profiling of Arabs, Muslims, Blacks and Hispanics in their zeal to ferret out terrorists.

NYTimes Misses the Mark in Trapwire Story

By Kade Crockford: On August 13, 2012 Scott Shane published a story in the New York Times about Trapwire, the shadowy surveillance company founded by CIA ...

‘NYT’ Publishes Op-Ed Saying There are ‘too many Palestinians and Arabs’ in Israel

By Philip Weiss: "Preserving Israel's Uncertain Status Quo," by Aaron David Miller on the Times Op-Ed page, includes this disturbing argument: Yes Israel has serious worries... The country’s ...

Robert Stolarik

Robert Stolarik, New York Times Photographer, Gets Equipment Back After Alleged Assault By NYPD

By Huffington Post: Robert Stolarik — the New York Times photographer who was allegedly assaulted by the NYPD — recently got his equipment back. Stolarik was arrested earlier ...