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Debunking the Douthat Doctrine

By Marie Burns: For want of a better adversary in today's edition of the New York Times, I'll engage with Brother Douthat, the Vatican's emissary to ...

US Expat Taxes

Re: The Folly of Attacking Outsourcing

By Andy Sundberg: Dear Eduardo, Great article today in the IHT, but I hope you will go the next step and also address the folly of citizenship-based taxation ...

Eduardo Porter’s “Folly”—Why We Must End the “Race to the bottom”

By William K Black: Eduardo Porter began by studying physics but decided not to complete his studies and pursue a career in that field in favor ...

New York Times Style Debates

By Stephen Lendman: On August 8, The Times headlined "How to End the War in Syria." Socratic dialogue was absent. Three similar views were aired.

The Young Republican Fantasy Lives On, and On, and On

By Charles P. Pierce: Bear in mind, when you read the account in the New York Times of how young people are moving the Republican party toward moderation on those troublesome "social issues"...

Water Polo Olympics 2012

Sexist Olympic Coverage: Lady Athletes Have Ladybits Edition

By Chloe: Last weekend, I had the great fortune of seeing the US women’s water polo team play Italy at Olympic Park in London...

China's Ye Shiwen with gold medal

Is the US Olympic System as Abusive as China’s?

By Dave Zirin: The spectacle of the 2012 London Olympics should be subtitled: “the bashing of the Chinese Athlete.” Yesterday, Andrew Jacobs of the New York Times published ...

Water Polo Wardrobe Malfunction

Boobies in the Pool! Why the New York Times Was Right To Focus on Water Polo’s Wardrobe Malfunctions

By Natasha Geiling: For the first year of my high school water polo career, I was really, really bad.

Lolo Jones

Was the New York Times Too Mean to Lolo Jones?

By Joe Coscarelli: On Sunday, the New York Times took its claws out and went snarky and sexist on American sprinter Lolo Jones, declaring that the attention she received ...

Journalists vs. Curators

By Ann Friedman: As David Carr of The New York Times put it at South By Southwest this year, “We’re all in the same business in a way. Ours is supported by ads; theirs is supported by borrowing content from elsewhere. Both of them seem like fairly tenuous business models.”

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