August 2012 Archive

Gore Vidal, 1925 – 2012

By Choire Sicha: Gore Vidal despised the New York Times through and through and would barely have stomached his obituary in that paper, as credit-giving and realistic and praising as it is.


The Death of a Controversy?

By Magnus Nome: When scientists come to a surprising conclusion, they don’t pick up the phone and call a newspaper´s gossip column. They try to disprove the ...

Yen vs. Dollar

The Value of the Yen, the Dollar, and Generational Issues

By Dean Baker: The NYT had a truly bizarre piece that at least implicitly portrayed Japan unfavorably compared with the United States for having an over-valued currency. The ...

RIP Gore Vidal

By Eugene Schulman: When I opened my computer yesterday morning to scan the NYT, the first thing my eyes fell upon was a photo of Gore Vidal, ...