August 2012 Archive

Normalizing the Israeli Military Occupation

By Patrick O. Strickland: Last fall, while demonstrators from Israel’s J14 Movement and the Occupy Movement were still occupying city centers and demanding social justice, I made my first trip to the South Hebron Hills village of Susiya, nestled deep in the throbbing heart of the West Bank.

President Paul Kagame

As Rwanda’s Alliance with U.S. Wanes, What’s Not Being Said?

By Michael M'Gehee: For years Rwanda's President Paul Kagame has been heralded as one of the great leaders of Africa. A man who stopped a genocide, liberated ...

Somalia's PM Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed sits during consultations on situation in Somalia in the Security Council Chambers at United Nations headquarters in New York,

Somalia’s “Climate of Impunity” Enjoyed by More Than Just Pirates

By Stephen Roblin: In its July 18th paper, the New York Times included a Reuters brief on the recently leaked report by the UN Monitoring Group on Somalia and ...