Snow Job About Israel-Palestine - An Analysis

December 24, 2013   ·   2 Comments

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By Lawrence Davidson: In our house we get the New York Times (NYT) because the Philadelphia Inquirer’s (that is our city paper) coverage of international affairs is very limited.


Where’s A New Mandela When We Need Him or Her Now?

By Murray Polner: How many of our editorial writers, pundits and ordinary Americans know that Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu has articulate and informed opponents in Israel ...

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Without Fear, Without Favor

By Uri Avnery: The Words “lifetime achievement” have a certain undertone. There is a hint that the work is finished.


Two-State Solution or Illusion?

By Lawrence Davidson: Peter Beinart is a “liberal Zionist” who has written a piece in the New York Review of Books of 26 September 2013 entitled “The American Jewish Cocoon.”

Injured Palestinian youth

‘The New York Times’ Investigates a Palestinian Hobby

By Noam Sheizaf: The New York Times on Sunday published one of its most out-of-context items from the West Bank in recent years...

Obama Israel

Israel to Obama: Be Gentle With Me

By Richard Silverstein: Jodi Rudoren’s survey piece about Israeli public opinion as the backdrop to Barack Obama’s arrival in Israel is a total bunch of mush, from the ...

Times Profiles Michael Goldfarb: A Rightist Liar & Bomb Thrower Who Is Just Doing It For Israel

By MJ Rosenberg: Sunday’s New York Times features an important piece...

Dear ‘New York Times’, Don’t Put a Pretty Face on Ahava’s Occupation Profiteering

By Nancy Kricorian: Dear Joan Raymond, In response to the New York Times Frequent Flyer column featuring Ahava North American CEO Elana Drell-Szyfer, we thought it important to bring to ...

‘NYT’ Runs Op-Ed by Israel Lobbyist in Human Rights Garb, Saying Palestinians are Too Corrupt to Deserve a State

By David Samel: Wednesday's Global edition of the NY Times had an op-ed by one David Keyes from the organization, Advancing Human Rights.

Elana Drell Szyfer

‘NYT’ Publishes Spiritual Guidance from Ahava Exec– Without Saying Ahava Works in a Settlement

By Philip Weiss: Every week The New York Times business page runs a "Frequent Flier" profile of a busy traveler.

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