NYT ‘Lacking the Heart’ to Report Honestly on Ukraine

April 19, 2014   ·   1 Comments


By Michael M'Gehee: In a recent New York Times article by Andrew Kramer readers are informed about how NATO plans to use the ongoing crisis in Ukraine to “strengthen its military presence in Eastern Europe.”


Anatomy of a Perversion

By Jason Hirthler: Empires rely on the studious manipulation of facts to maintain a pristine image...


Close the Straits?

By Matthew Stevenson: Despite threats from President Obama and the members of the European Union (EU) of additional economic sanctions against Russia, President Putin seems determined...

Arseniy Yatsenyuk

The Siege of Sevastopol: The New York Times on Ukraine

By Howard Friel: Intransigence in The Twilight Zone of U.S. press coverage of Ukraine is not seen in the American effort to hold talks with Russia hostage to the demand that the Russians sit down with “Yats”...

Breaches of international law are a serious matter... when some country other than the United States is accused. (Photo: Reuters)

Heard the One About Obama Denouncing a Breach of International Law?

By Norman Solomon: Rather than striving for an evenhanded assessment of how “international law” has become so much coin of the hypocrisy realm, mainline U.S. media are now transfixed with Kremlin villainy.


The New York Times Excoriates ‘Aggression’: The Washington Exception

By Michael M'Gehee: Over the last quarter century the New York Times' Editorial board has made editorial decisions that illustrate a peculiar pattern.


The “Paper of Record” Gets it Wrong on André Schiffrin

By John R. MacArthur: A Times obituary misrepresents the career of a distinguished publisher.

1 Gates

Greece’s Political ‘Center’ Under Threat

By Costas Panayotakis: As the economic and social catastrophe produced by austerity policies in Greece deepens...

Die Linke

Merkel Wins, But there is a New Majority Left of Her Party

By Gregory Wilpert: The two main New York Times articles immediately following Germany’s parliamentary election last Sunday unequivocally presented Chancellor Angela Merkel as the main or ...


Greece and Weimar

By Costas Panayotakis: The economic crisis, political and economic polarization, and the meteoric rise of the Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party...

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