NYT Leaves Readers High and Dry on Causes of Mississippi Drought

January 19, 2013   ·   0 Comments

Mississippi River

By Jim Naureckas: Another example of a major news outlet reporting the effects of climate change without mentioning climate change–this time the New York Times.

New York Times

The Heat is on as the New York Times Closes its Environment Desk

By Kate Sheppard: The paper risks much by folding its environment desk – just at the moment when climate change has never been more pressing.

NYT Building

New York Times Widely Criticized For Dismantling Its Environment Desk, Eliminating Editorial Positions

By Joe Romm: “Keeping Environmental Reporting Strong Won’t Be Easy,” Warns Public Editor - The New York Times will close its environment desk in the next few weeks and assign its seven reporters and two editors to other departments.

NYT Building

As Climate Crisis Grows Urgent, New York Times Shutters ‘Environment Desk’

By Jon Queally: Despite assurances from the paper, critics call decision "worrying". With the world drowning in climate change related news—including 2012 as the hottest year on ...

Bread for the World

What Does Biofuel Have to Do With the Price of Tortillas in Guatemala?

By Tom Philpott: I used to write about biofuels a lot. The idea of devoting large swaths of prime farmland and annual gushers of agrichemicals to grow "fuel" crops...

Fiscal Cliff Practice

What Does The Fiscal Cliff Debacle Say About Our Chances To Avoid The Far More Worrisome Climate Cliff?

By Joe Romm: Our political leaders failed to meet their self-imposed deadline for dealing with the deficit in a manner that doesn’t mean austerity-driven recession.


New York Times Pushes Obama On Climate: ‘He Needs To Do A Great Deal More Than…Foster A Conversation’

By Stephen Lacey: Many were disappointed after President Obama’s first post-election press conference when he talked about the urgency of climate change — and then immediately swept aside ...

Frack ad in NYT

Fracking’s Lure, Trap and Endless Damage

By Ralph Nader: Say what you will about Yoko Ono’s art, there is no denying that she is unique. Who else will put several $100,000 full-page ...

Cover Article

NY Times Warns On Climate Change: ‘Fear Death By Water’, Rising Seas Likely To Swallow Up City If We Don’t Act Soon

By Joe Romm: The NY Times (finally) goes apocalyptic on climate change...

Obama with National Gaurd map

New York Times Slams Obama For ‘Lame’ Flip-Flop On Economic Benefit Of Climate Action

By Joe Romm: What a difference a few years — or even a few months — makes on the President’s clarity about the false choice between ...

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