Time to Call Time on the Trophy Watch?

December 10, 2013   ·   0 Comments


By Robert Waterhouse: Is time running out for the trophy watch? An alarming – if you’re an ad sales executive on the INYT – report appeared ...


Where Ads Must Pay Their Way

By Robert Waterhouse: I returned to France from nearly four weeks in Addis Ababa on November 21. My copy of the INYT was duly waiting in the mailbox: no surprise and no surprises.


Tributes to the Trib as NYT Counts the Digits

By Robert Waterhouse: Read the smallprint. In newspapers as much as in any other business. No, more so in newspapers.

Suzy Menkes IHT

Fashion à la Mode de Menkes

By Robert Waterhouse: In Suzy Menkes, the IHT has an international treasure. Not only is she doyenne of fashion doyennes; she’s a fine writer...


Any Cause that’s Fit to Print?

By Robert Waterhouse: On Wednesday September 25 IHT readers were treated to a full page broadside entitled...

fire-lead (1)

Murder Most Foul, A Luxury Item

By Robert Waterhouse: Last Thursday, September 19, the IHT published a page 3 news backgrounder headed “Fatal shooting of robber divides French opinion.” It was a catch-up piece featuring the sort of fait divers...

France Fashion

Sponsorship, Special Report or Native Advertising?

By Robert Waterhouse: Under the heading “Lines blur between ads and content” NYT/IHT columnist David Carr, he of The Media Equation, reported on September 16 about...


Marriage Broker to the Global Gentry

By Robert Waterhouse: “Love and marriage,” ventured Frank Sinatra in 1956, “go together like a horse and carriage.”


Countdown to Global NYT In-Time with the Fed

By Robert Waterhouse: Someday this fall, the International Herald Tribune will be renamed the International New York Times.