The Mismatch of the Century: Barrett Brown vs. Tom Friedman

March 16, 2014   ·   1 Comments

Barrett Brown

By Fire Tom Friedman: Confession: I’m burnt out on Tom Friedman. I hardly ever read him any more, having digested the five columns he lazily recycles ...

Kitty Genovese and Continuing Silence!

By Bob Somerby: In Thursday morning’s New York Times, Leslie Kaufman writes a fascinating piece about journalism and novels.

Jacobin and The New Inquiry

The New York Times Thinks Male Magazine Founders Are Intellectuals But Their Female Peers Are Fashionistas

By Katie J.M. Baker: Congratulations to relatively new "intellectual magazines" The New Inquiry and Jacobin: the New York Times thinks you're both worthy of coverage! Well, not equally so. The 20-something ...

NY Times Buries Serious Book About Dog Obsession, but Treats Editor’s Puppy Book as Great Lit

By Ron Howell: I recall that toward the beginning of her book The Puppy Diaries, Times top editor Jill Abramson mentioned a New York Magazine article by John Homans, which was titled ...

NYT Poetry

The New York Times Snubs Poetry

By Cameron Conaway: In its highly anticipated 100 Notable Books of 2012, The New York Times selected two books of poetry. That wouldn't be so bad, actually, if the subtitle ...

The ‘Long Live the Paper Book’ Argument Needs To Mention DRM

By Samir Chopra: Justin Hollander’s defense of the traditional paper book  (‘Long Live Paper’, New York Times, 10 October 2012) is well-meant but given the severity of ...

Illustration by Kelly Blair NYT

Vagina Gazing at the New York Times

By Gail Dines: The New York Times book review cover page last Sunday looked a lot like Cosmopolitan...

David Brooks Reads Some Of Chris Hayes’ Book And All The Predictable LOLs Ensue

By Jason Linkins: It seems that David Brooks has read Christopher Hayes' new book, "Twilight Of The Elites." Or, at the very least, skimmed it. This is problematic, as Hayes' book may as well be titled, "Twilight Of The Mountain Of Horsecrap Piled High And Deep By Many New York Times Columnists."

(Credit Benjamin Wheelock)

Thank You for Killing My Novel

By Patrick Somerville: The New York Times panned my book, then had to correct the review to fix all their errors. So why am I not angry?

The Gate Keeper: Part 3 of 4

Robert Chernomas and Ian Hudson: The New York Times can credibly be considered the most influential newspaper in the United States, and arguably the world. (Video series)

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