Lady Gaga Changes Song Lyrics In Support Of Fashion Designers As They Wage War With Top Style Critic Cathy Horyn

October 4, 2012   ·   0 Comments

By Oliva Fleming: Lady Gaga has decided to add more fuel to a complicated and fierce fashion fight between The New York Times style critic Cathy Horyn and fashion designers Oscar de la Renta and Hedi Slimane.

Responding to the NYT: Rethinking Our Relationship With Technology Through Campus-Wide ‘Deactivation Days’

By Kevin Burra: Last Wednesday, a piece titled "Last Call for College Bars" appeared in The New York Times Style section, about the effect that social media has had on the dwindling bar scene in college towns across the country.

NYT Editor Takes Fall for Cornell Miscues

By Erik Wemple: Journalist Courtney Rubin, working as a freelancer for the New York Times, alighted on Ithaca, N.Y., with a great story.

New York Times Demotes a Critic

By Norman Lebrecht: Kozinn is one of the most respected voices on the paper’s flagging culture desk...

Sally Singer Leaves T: The New York Times’s Style Magazine

By Isabel Wilkinson: The editor of The New York Times’s style magazine is out—effective immediately.

Miro at the National Gallery

By Eugene Shulman: Reading Ken Johnson's interesting NY Times review of the Miro exhibition at the National Gallery...

Home Improvement, New York Times-Style

By Marie Burns: Louis Uchitelle, an economics reporter for the New York Times, has written a longish essay about the decline in American craftsmanship. But his ...

In Which The New York Times Explains How to Get to Williamsburg to Manhattanites, and Uses a Hashtag In a Sentence Unironically

By Foster Kamer: Williamsburg has always—somehow—remained an elusive, fleeting place (let alone: idea) for the thinktank at the Styles section of the New York Times. It’s so ...

The New York Times Profiled the Brant Brothers Because the New York Times Hates You

By Drew Magary: We at Gawker have warned you previously that the New York Times Style section exists solely to introduce you to society’s biggest shitheads, and yesterday’s profile of the ...

Ann Patchett is Wrong About the Pulitzers

By Samir Chopra: Ann Patchett has an Op-Ed in today’s New York Times, which waxes angsty over the failure of the Pulitzer committee to award a prize ...

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