February 2013 Archive

Media Covered Up US Assassination Base In Saudi Arabia

By Joseph Kishore: For more than a year, several major US media outlets—including the Washington Post and the New York Times —deliberately concealed the existence of a US drone base ...

The ‘Secret’ Saudi Drone Base Revealed By The Times Today Was Actually Reported Months Ago

By Adrian Chen: What is a secret drone base that’s not actually a secret? The Washington Post and the New York Times revealed today that they were among a number of ...

Millionaires Are–or Perhaps Aren’t–Leaving California

By Peter Hart: The early headline on a New York Times story by Adam Nagourney was, "Millionaires Consider Leaving California Over Taxes."

More on the New York Times’ Struggle with Data!

By Bob Somerby: Yesterday, we noted two reports from Tuesday’s New York Times in which the mighty newspaper seemed to be struggling with data.

The Rising Tide of Anti-Black Racism

Jamelle Bouie: Racial resentment is increasing, and it plays a major role in how Obama—and the Democratic Party—is perceived.

Rosa Parks at 100: Who in the World was Rosa Parks!

By Bob Somerby: Charles Blow gets credit for one thing, in last Saturday’s column about Rosa Parks, he quoted Professor Jeanne Theoharis correctly.