February 2013 Archive

US Media Yet Again Conceals Newsworthy Government Secrets

By Glenn Greenwald: The collective self-censorship over a US drone base in Saudi Arabia is but the latest act of government-subservient 'journalism'.

‘Resolving’ the Greek Crisis

By Costas Panayotakis: Some people never learn (or at least they pretend not to).  Edward P. Joseph and Anna Triandafyllidou’s ‘Resolve the Real Greek Crisis’ is ...

New York Times Broke ‘Informal Arrangement’ on Drones

By Erik Wemple: According to a reporter on the national security beat, the New York Times participated in an “informal arrangement” to keep secret a Saudi ...

The Heart IS a Lonely Hunter: Making It Right

By John Grant: In The New York Times February 6th on pages 20 and 21, across from each other, there were two tragic stories centered around the themes of sex, race and power.

How Long Did People Have to Wait in Line to Vote Last November!

By Bob Somerby: We have a very weak national discourse. As a people, we just don’t seem to be very smart.

How Effective Is the Safety Net?

By Robert Greenstein: Nicholas Kristof published an important column in the New York Time srecently about young children in some poor communities who face greatly diminished opportunities ...