February 2013 Archive

Colin Powell UN

Ten Years After Colin Powell’s U.N. Speech, Old Hands Are Ready for More Blood

By Norman Solomon: When Secretary of State Colin Powell spoke to the U.N. Security Council on February 5, 2003, countless journalists in the United States extolled ...


For the Glory of What? Drones, Israel, and the Eclipse of Democracy

By Norman Pollack: Murder, she said; No, not the popular song, not Brecht’s Arturo Ui...

Pay here

The Behavionomics of Paywalls

By Jonathan Cook: Two years ago, the "New York Times" introduced its paywall. Today, we can use the insights of behavioral science to say what works... ...

Rosa Parks mug shot

Rosa Parks at 100: Why Can’t Charles Blow Stick to the Facts!

By Bob Somerby: Presumably, columnists at the New York Times know how to look things up.

Securities and Exchange Commission

NYT and WAPO Can’t Find Out About Franken Amendment on Bond Rating Agencies

By Dean Baker: It's so difficult when you run a major national newspaper to find out about the laws passed by Congress and signed by the ...

Alan Dershowitz

‘NYT’ Connects the Dots on the Israel ‘Litmus Test’ (or How the Dersh Jumped the Shark)

By Adam Horowitz: Today the New York Times has an editorial on the Brooklyn College BDS event and calls out the Lobby from K Street to Borough Hall.

Gun owners

Court Rules Against N.Y. Times Request for Gun Owners’ Addresses

By Mackenzie Weinger: A New York appellate court ruled against The New York Times on Tuesday in a lawsuit concerning the paper’s request of a database ...