February 2013 Archive

Links? We Don’t Do No Stinkin’ Links: Cognitive Dissonance at the New York Times

By Dave Lindorff: For a masterpiece in cognitive dissonance, just look to the foreign editors and the managing editor of the New York Times, who managed to run two closely related stories making opposite points in Saturday’s paper without referencing each other at all.

Blowback From US Drone Strikes on Pakistan Leaves 10 Civilians Dead

By Andrea Germanos: Blowback from U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan has left 10 civilians, including three women and three children, dead on Saturday, victims of an ...

Timbuktu and our Serious People!

By Bob Somerby: In Friday morning’s New York Times, David Brooks lays out the case for comprehensive immigration reform.

Fiscal Cliff Concerns Did Not Restrain Hiring

By Dean Baker: The NYT is still pushing the line that, “uncertainty over fiscal policy and the fragility of the economy still seem to be holding back employers.” ...