January 2013 Archive

Kiriakou and Stuxnet: The Danger of the Still-Escalating Obama Whistleblower War

By Glenn Greenwald: The only official punished for the illegal NSA program was the one who discussed it. The same is now true of torture.

The Times Does Gaza (Again): Oh, No You Don’t, Ismail Haniya

By Steve Breyman: It’s a news article! It’s a news analysis! It’s an op-ed! The Times’ is at it again in Gaza.

Could the Israel lobby’s unending battle to stop Hagel hurt the lobby?

By Philip Weiss: I thought the Chuck Hagel battle was over, that Chuck Schumer saying Hagel “convinced me he had changed his views” on Israel meant that the ...

NYT Cleans Up Bank of America’s Books

By Dean Baker: The NYT told us that Bank of America made $5.7 billion from “trading” last year. It then added: “For the sake of clarity and consistency, it ...