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NYT Columnist Does Not Read NYT — or Much Else

By Marie Burns: “Everyone agrees that federal spending must be drastically cut. But there is an alternative: raising more money from all taxpayers, including the middle ...

Inuguration 2013

Obama, Round Two

By Norman Pollack: I have written comments to the New York Times for several years, prompted to bear down in a sustained way in the lead-up to Obama’s ...

Euro Crisis

On Europe’s ‘Progress’

By Costas Panayotakis: In an editorial disguised as a piece of business reporting Liz Alderman and Jack Ewing inform New York Times readers that ‘Despite Signs ...

Occupy Wall Street Brooklyn Bridge October 1 2011

Inaugurate This: Trying to Get from Here to There!

By Bob Somerby: Did President Obama “make a forceful argument for a progressive agenda” in his Inaugural Address?

Obama Steele Brooks

What do the Beltway Moderates Actually Want?

By Alex Pareene: As David Brooks taught us last week, Barack Obama’s cunning plan to sabotage and undermine the Republican Party is to repeatedly force them to act ...

Social Security

Actuaries Confirm That Latest Scare Talk on Social Security Is Off-Base

By Kathy Ruffing: We’ve debunked the claim in a recent New York Times op-ed that Social Security’s official long-term financial projections are based on outdated and inaccurate assumptions and thus ...

David Brooks

David Brooks’ Trouble With Arithmetic Leads Him Astray Again

By Dean Baker: David Brooks would benefit hugely from a remedial course in grade school arithmetic. It might keep him from saying silly things in his ...

Roger Cohen

Roger Cohen, Dreamer

By Philip Weiss: Yesterday in the New York Times, columnist Roger Cohen said that it's time for "break-through" diplomacy by Obama in Israel and Palestine, leading to a ...

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Exploring Improbable Ways He Might Buy the New York Times

By Joe Hagan: Donald Trump has spent a lot of time in the last year trying to make news, first with his birther obsession, and more recently ...