January 2013 Archive

Algerian gas field Ain Amenas

Falsely Blaming Algeria, the Forgotten Country in the Arab Spring

By Daniel Warner: Headlines are screaming about Algeria’s raid in a remote gas field facility in the desert to free hostages.

Villa Amalias

Criminalizing Radicalism — The Bombings in Greece

By Costas Panayotakis: In an article that reports on a number of bombings in Greece in recent weeks, Liz Alderman presents contrasting interpretations of these developments and what precipitated them...


Does Inequality Stifle or Promote Growth?

By Jared Bernstein: Sunday's NYT features two different views on the impact of inequality on growth.

NYT Building

Concern Remains as NY Times Downplays Significance of Environment Desk Closure

By Harry Stevens: The New York Times is closing its environment desk in coming weeks, assigning its seven reporters and two editors to other departments and eliminating the ...

Stiglitz and Krugman

Krugman versus Stiglitz on Inequality and Economic Growth

By Dean Baker: Joe Stiglitz had an Opionator piece in the NYT arguing that inequality was bad for growth. Krugman responded...

Steven Erlanger

‘NYT”s Erlanger calls Gaza ‘Hamastan’

By Philip Weiss: A month back we landed on New York Times Paris bureau chief Steven Erlanger for condescending comments he made about Palestinians in Gaza, as if ...